Clophosome® - Clodronate Liposomes (Neutral)

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Clophosome®- Clodronate Liposomes (Neutral)

Clophosome®, neutral clodronate liposomes, offers highly efficient in vivo macrophage depletion. Clodronate molecules are encapsulated in small MLV liposomes for superior activity, physical and chemical stability, and convenience of use. It is formulated to an exceptionally high clodronate/lipid ratio. Free clodronate is cleaned out and the liposomal clodronate encapsulation efficiency is more than 90%. Clophosome liposomes remain homogenous and suspended even after long term storage in fridge. It is not viscous and easy to inject. It is manufactured sterile for long term shelf-life. 

The product is suitable for dosing with various routes including intravenous, intraperitoneal, subcutaneous, intranasal, intratracheal and etc. We have achieved 80-90% macrophage depletion in spleen (red pulp macrophages) 24 hours after a single 0.2 mL intravenous injection. A starting dose of 0.15 - 0.2 mL (i.v. or i.p.) for 20-25g animal body weight is recommended for good consistency in macrophage depletion. Optimization is recommended for your specific applications.



Product code: F70101C-N 

Brand Name: Clophosome®

Active: clodronate disodium. CAS: 22560-50-5, 7 mg/mL



Lipid composition: phosphatidylcholine and cholesterol

Bulk solution: phosphate buffered saline (20mM sodium phosphate, 09wt% NaCl), pH 7.0-7.5

Shelf-life: 6 months guaranteed for unopened vials at 2-8 degree C (guaranteed starting from the date of delivery, replacement only)