Lyophilized Clophosome®-A- Anionic Clodronate liposomes (5mL, 12 months)

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Lyophilized Clophosome® -A - Anionic Clodronate Liposomes (5mL)

Lyophilized Clophosome® -A is developed by FormuMax to satisfy the demand for clodronate liposomes with long shelf-life. We offer one year shelf-life guarantee from the time of delivery to the date of reconstitution. Just reconstitute by adding sterile pure water and mix (see more details below and the product sheet). Once reconstituted it is used the same way as the standard liquid Clophosome®-A (F70101C-A). 

Use F70101-AL as the empty control liposomes.



Product code: F70101C-AL 

Brand Name: Clophosome®

Volume post reconstitution: 5.0 mL

Active: clodronate disodium. CAS: 22560-50-5

Clodronate disodium (liposome encapsulated): 7mg/mL 


Lipid composition: phosphatidylcholine, phosphotidyglycerol and cholesterol

Form: Lyophilized cake/powder from PBS (10% sucrose, 20mM Na phosphate), pH 7.0-7.5

Shelf-life: 12 months for dry cake (guaranteed, replacement only, starting from the date of delivery)

Shelf-life: 3 months sterilely reconstituted (guaranteed, replacement only)

Recommended storage: 2-8 degree C 

Reconstitution: We recommend using sterile water for reconstitution. Add 4.7 ml sterile pure water into the vial at room temperature and mix by invert the vial several times. Let it stand on bench for  2-3 min and vortex 2-3 times (20-30 sec each time) at medium speed. The liposomes can be used in 10 min after reconstitution. Make sure there is no lumps or any noticeable particles. Vortex more if this occurs until homogeneous.

Sterilely reconstituted product can be stored in refrigerator for up to 3 months (guaranteed) when handled cleanly. For best shelf-life for the reconstituted liposomes inject sterile water through the rubber stopper using a sterile syringe needle.