Fluorescent DiR Control Liposomes for Clophosome (Neutral)

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DiR Labeled Fluorescent Control Liposomes for Clophosome® (Neutral)

The fluorescent control liposomes contain the lipophilic dye DiR incorporated in the bilayers. It has comparable physical and chemical attributes as for the Clophosome®  except no clodronate encapsulated inside. It is used for tracking the cellular uptake of the liposomes by common methods like confocal, FACS, NIR imaging etc.  

The near IR fluorescent, lipophilic carbocyanine DiOC18(7) ("DiR") is weakly fluorescent in water but highly fluorescent and quite photostable when incorporated into membranes. The sulfonate groups incorporated into this DiI analog improves water solubility. It has an extremely high extinction coefficient and short excited-state lifetimes (~1 nanosecond) in lipid environments. 


Lipid composition: phosphatidylcholine and cholesterol

Dye: 0.15 mM (0.15mg/mL)

Stability: 6 months for unopened vials

Storage: 2-8 ºC

'DiR';  (Invitrogen D-12731)   DiIC18(7) (1,1'-Dioctadecyl-3,3,3',3'-Tetramethylindotricarbocyanine Iodide)

Ex/Em: 750/780 nm

CAS Number: n/a