Fluorescent DiA Control Liposomes for Clophosome-A (Anionic)

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DiA Labeled Fluorescent Control Liposomes for Clophosome® -A (Anionic)

The fluorescent control liposomes contain the lipophilic dye DiA incorporated in the bilayers. It has comparable physical and chemical attributes as for the Clophosome®  except no active is encapsulated inside. It is used for tracking the cellular uptake of the liposomes by common methods like confocal, FACS, etc.  

The lipophilic aminostyryl probe DiA inserts into lipid membranes with its two alkyl tails and its fluorophore oriented parallel to the phospholipid acyl chain. When this dialkylaminostyryl probe binds to membranes, it exhibits a strong fluorescence enhancement; its fluorescence in water is minimal.



Lipid composition: phosphatidylcholine, phosphatidylglycerol and cholesterol

Dye: 0.15 mM (0.12mg/mL)

Stability: 6 months for unopened vials

Storage: 2-8 ºC

'DiA';4-Di-16-ASP (4-(4-(Dihexadecylamino)styryl)-N-Methylpyridinium Iodide)  (Invitrogen D-3883) 

Ex/Em: 456/590 nm

CAS Number: n/a