Trans-Hi™ DNA Transfection Reagent

We are very excited to announce the introduction of our brand new product, Trans-HiTM, as a superior transfection reagent to compete against the leading products in the market. Trans-HiTM is created based on a proprietary polymer technology. It forms stable complex particles with DNA and rapidly releases the DNA molecules upon endocytosis into the cytoplasm. It offers superior and reproducible transfection efficiency on the common cells such as Hela, CHO, HEK293 and many hard-to-transfect mammalian cells with minimal toxicity. Trans-HiTM is very cost-efficient and 1.0mL is sufficient for over 650 transfections in 24 well plates.




     Trans-Hi™General Protocol For In Vitro Transfection in Mammalian Cells 

     Trans-Hi™ - Protocol for Transfecting 293 and CHO Suspension Cells 

     Trans-Hi™ - Protocol for Generation of rAAV 

     Trans-Hi™ -Technical Tips For Good In Vitro Transfection