Liposomes for Loading Hydrophobic Drugs

               ***** New Product! *****

New drugs in pharmaceutical products and drug candidates in development have become more lipophilic and therefore more water insoluble. The majority of the failures in new drug development have been attributed to poor water solubility of the drugs. Although various drug delivery vehicles have been available, many of them suffer from various drawbacks such as poor drug loading capacity, toxicity, stability and etc. Liposomes have been known to be a superior carrier for insoluble drugs. However, most research organizations and even pharmaceutical companies are not equipped to produce liposomes, which requires both special expertise and sophisticated processing equipment.

Scientists at FormuMax have extensive experience in formulating insoluble drugs, we decided to share our most successful liposome drug loading system with you. Here, we present to you a pre-formed liposome reagent that is ready-to-use for loading your drugs in your laboratory. 

Depending on the drug our liposome product may offer the following benefits:

  • Enhanced aqueous solubility of other-wise insoluble compounds
  • Improved stability over other drug solubility vehicles
  • Potential prolonged in vivo systemic circulation (slow release) 
  • Liposomes are non-toxic 
  • Suitable for in vitro and in vivo experiments