300nm Fluorescent Liposomes

We are very happy to offer a new series of 300nm fluorescent liposomes due to the constant demand of large-sized liposomes as particle size standards and other applications. We offer 6 month guarantee (replacement only) on the product shelf-life. 

Please let us know if you do not find the products of your interest and we could make it for you.  

We also produce larger fluorescent liposomes on a custom base. Please inquire


 Product Code     Description     ex/em (nm)
 F60103F3-P  300nm, Non-fluorescent Control DOPC/CHOL liposomes       no dye
 F60103F3-F  300nm, DOPC/CHOL/Fluorescein-DHPE      496 / 519
 F60103F3-R  300nm, DOPC/CHOL/Rhodamine DHPE      560 / 580
 F60103F3-TR  300nm, DOPC/CHOL/Texas Red DHPE      595 / 615