200nm Fluorescent Liposomes

We are very happy to offer a new series of 200nm fluorescent liposomes due to the constant demand of large-sized liposomes. These liposomes are manufactured by the extrusion technology which is known to produce the most uniform liposomes. However customers should be aware that liposomes prepared by the extrusion method still have rather broad particle size distribution.  The particles size reported in the product sheet is for the mean diameter as measured by a standard DLS particle sizer. We offer 3 month guarantee (replacement only) on the product shelf-life. 


Please let us know if you do not find the products of your interest and we could make it for you.  


 Product Code     Description  Mean Diameter (nm)   ex/em (nm)
 F60103F2-P  Non-fluorscent Control DOPC/CHOL liposomes     200     no dye
 DOPC/CHOL/Fluorescein-DHPE 200     496 / 519
 F60103F2-R  DOPC/CHOL/Rhodamine DHPE 200     560 / 580
 F60103F2-TR  DOPC/CHOL/Texas Red DHPE 200     595 / 615