Lyophilized Clophosome®

Clophosome® (neutral) and Clophosome®- A (anionic) have become increasingly popular for in vivo macrophage depletion. However their limitation has been their limited shelf-life. The good news is now we are offering  lyophilized Clophosome® with a guaranteed 12 month shelf-life. By simple reconstitution in water one gets simply the best clodronate liposome products on the market. Excellent macrophage depletion efficiency of > 80% is achievable with one dose of the neutral Clophosome® and even higher depletion ( > 90%) with the anionic Clophosome®- A. Long-term macrophage depletion for weeks is also achievable with multiple dosing.


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     Price (5 mL)

 F70101C-NL (New) 

      Clophosome® - Lyophilized Clodronate Liposomes (Neutral)



 F70101C-AL (New) 

      Clophosome®-A - Lyophilized Clodronate Liposomes  (Anionic)



 F70101-NL (New) 

      Control for lyophilized Clophosome® (Neutral)



 F70101-AL (New) 

      Control for lyophilized Clophosome® - A (Anionic)





Lyophilized Clophosome® Brochure

Product sheet for lyophilized Clophosome®

Product sheet for lyophilized Clophosome®- A