We specialize in a range of formulation and drug delivery technologies, from various solubility enhancing systems to more sophisticated nano-enabled systems like PEGylated liposomes (STEALTH liposomes), PEGylated lipospheres, and polymer-based nanoparticles for controlled/sustained delivery of various type of compounds. We boast strong expertise with over thirty years of experience in designing and developing delivery systems with respect to drug carrier systems and drug loading and drug retention technologies. We provide formulation services and analytical services to pharmaceutical and biotech fields.

We also provide analytical/characterization support for related fields using our instrumentations and expertise, such as polymer glass transition measurements, protein denaturation temperature measurements. 

Our services includes:
  • Custom liposomes tailored to your need

    • Plain liposomes

    • Fluorescent liposomes

    • Cationic liposomes

    • liposomes with functional groups

    • Targeted liposomes

    • Lipid-nanoparticles for DNA, mRNA and siRNA

  • Formulation feasibility studies and prototype development

    • Passive loading for soluble and insoluble compounds

    • Active loading for special compounds

    • Cationic liposome complexation (DNA, RNA, SiRNA, antisense, protein ect.)

  • Liposome characterization

    • Particle size and distribution (DLS, qNano)

    • Zeta potential/mobility (Brookhaven ZetaPALS)

    • pH

    • Osmolality

    • Liposome phase transition (Microcal VP-DSC)

    • Viscosity

  • Scale-up and process development/optimization

  • Analytical method development and support

    • HPLC, UV, fluorescence

  • Formulation stability monitoring

  • In vitro release method development and testing

  • Liposome lyophilization


Other services:
  • Glass transition for polymers (Perkin Elmer DSC 7)

  • Denaturation temperature for proteins by DSC

  • Characterization of nutritional liposomes

    • Active potency (vitamin C, glutathione, lipolic acid, carnitine, etc.) (HPLC)

    • Liposome encapsualtion efficiency (HPLC)

    • Particle size

    • pH

    • Viscosity of gels (polymer gels, liposome gels, etc.)

    • Ultracentrifugation

    • Fluorescent microscopy 

  • Lyophylization/freeze dry






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